Q: How much do you charge?

A: We don’t charge any extra! we recieve a small commission from individual shops.


Q: Why should we use you and not just shop ourselves?

A: One of the most common complaints of the mall is receiving less quality products when promised the higher quality ones. Unfortunately some of the shop keepers use this tactic to raise profits. With the help of Alex we are able to resolve this issue ultimately giving you the most rewarding shopping experience possible.


Q: I have heard that we will be approached by touts before we even get inside!

A: Yes this is true, its important not to engage them as they will only take you to their shops and will not leave you alone which can quickly become annoying and ultimately ruin a trip. Just be polite and say no thanks and continue to make your way in.


Q:  How can we find Alex?

A: Alex can be found at shop no 3311 on the 3rd Floor not far from the taste restaurant. Alternatively you can leave a message and we would be happy to arrange a meeting point, or you can contact Alex on WE CHAT : jackiecom.






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